1-Axis Multi Row Horizontal Tracker HYPERION-MR®

The HYPERION-MR® is a single-axis tracker which installation simplicity and efficiency proves to be advantageous over the traditional fixed structures.


This type of tracking system can increase the power output by 25% compared to ground-mounted fixed structure systems, depending on the latitude.


The HYPERION®-MR design can be adapted to client’s needs and the local regulations as per project’s location. Installation training and comission services can be provided at no cost.


Due to its modular, low-height design, the assembly of the HYPERION®-MR lacks from complexity, avoiding the use of cranes or lifting equipment and simplifying the installation process.


The entire tracker can be assembled with fastening devies, therefore on-site weldings are NOT required, reducing workforce cost and mounting time, The erogonomy of the desogn ensures minimum equipment and installation effort.


MECASOLAR’S trackers are assembled on-site, ensuring affordable and efficient delivery ion standard containers.


The entire tracker can be assembled with fastening devices, therefore on-site weldings are NOT required, reducing workforce cost and mounting time. The ergonomy of the design ensures minimum equipment and installation effort.


The Hyperion®-MR has been carefully designed as to be perfectly adapted to different types of terrain (including uneven terrain up to 10% inclination). Specially designed features to afford extended tolerances for easier installation plus a variety of different types of foundations permiting reduction of civil works. All anchoring systems are available.


Lubricant free on the joints MS-Smart Joint®. The design height of the entire system makes the structure accesible for maintenance and cleaning.


The sophisticated engineering design contains a reduced number of moving parts, diminishing the tracking error and maximizing outcome by working in parallel with an advanced astronomical software system.

Tracking method Single axis horizontal single-row tracker, multi row with or without back tracking
Max power per tracker Up to 190,08Kwp*
Standard number of axis  12
KWP per axis Up to15.84kWp*
Number of modules per axis Up to 40 modules of 72 cells / up to 42 modules of 60 cells
Control PLC running astronomic algorithm for positioning through anlogue inclinometer. Backtracking option included.
Movement sensor Analogue inclinometer
Operating range Maximum 52.5° East to 52.5°West. Standard ±45°/ ±50°
Movement Electromechanical
Transmission Linear
Motor power (AC) 1,9 kW (Energy consumption estimated 165 kWh/year)
AC supply 230VAC /50 or 60 Hz (single phase/two phase or three phase AC supply available)
On site assembly No welding or cutting on site. All assembly through screw fixations
Total surface of modules Up to 960 m2 *
Material Hot dip galvanized (as per ISO 1461) structural steel. Fixations Material quality 8.8 min and G B500 treatment
Dimensions: length x width x height Up to 60m x 40.8m x 2m-height at 45°
Max pitch 5 meters
Weight Up to 13.500 kg including ram piles 2 meters below ground level.
Height from ground level (in 50º) 0,4 m min. Varies as per depth of anchoring and topography.
Anchoring system Options available: Ram pile, concrete pilot pile, concrete slabs or screw pile anchoring system.
Warranty 2 years standard component warranty.
10 years anticorrosive warranty for ambient conditions C3 or less*.
Design life more than 25 years*.

Hyperion – MR – ~425 Kb