Canaria project from ELECOR/GRUPO ORTIZ and MECASOLAR

Canaria Project: MECASOLAR & MAC GP’s 4 new projects for ELECOR/GROUP ORTIZ

MECASOLAR, the multinational tracking and Fixed System manufacturing company, signed a contract with ELECOR/GRUPO ORTIZ for 4 projects in the Canarias Islands through MAC GP, a Spanish and independent business group whose activity is focused on the renewable energy sector.   The Projects: 1.- Gran Canaria: 620,16 kWp 2.- Fuerteventura: 1,033MWp 3.- Tenerife sur: 1,033 MWp 4.- Lanzarote: 878,56…

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Snapshot from meeting with Panasonic India and Mecasolar

PANASONIC and MECASOLAR announce partnership in India

MECASOLAR, the multinational tracking manufacturing company, announced today its further expansion in India with a major new cooperation with Anchor Electricals Pvt. Ltd. (A Panasonic Group Company). The two companies are forming a new strategic partnership under which Anchor by Panasonic undertakes to exclusively control the production and distribution of the state-of-the-art products of MECASOLAR,…

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solar quarter mecasolar


Solar Quarter the renowned e-magazine about renewable energy sources issued an article with India’s and Asia’s top solar brands in smart inverters, mounting systems, trackers, modules, manufacturing equipments, pv materials, energy storage and monitoring solutions. Asia – Pacific Market Insights for 2018 indicated the most successful businesses in the field of solar energy and of…

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