Within its 20 years of experience, MECASOLAR is facing a New Stage.

New Team, products and new offices to adapt to the current market, providing a better service to our customers in a more technically and commercially competitive way.

New Team with extensive experience and resources in the field of fixed structure design and single axis trackers.

New Products, more reliable and advanced products capable of competing in the current market.

New Offices closer to our customers and better adapted to the actual operations of the company.

We offer complete support throughout the project design, execution and maintenance process.

The principles of the Quality, Environment and Safety and Health at Work policy that guide us are:

The client is the center of our work

We are oriented to understand the needs of our clients until we achieve the highest quality with a minimum cost and term, maximizing the ROI of our projects. For this, our solutions are comprehensive, including design, supply, assembly, supervision, commissioning and after-sales service.

A quality product as added value

The MECASOLAR brand is synonymous with quality, through a robust, adaptable, scalable, low-maintenance, long-life and innovative IoT product.

Personal commitment as a guarantee of quality

By promoting motivation, participation, interdisciplinary work, teamwork, coordination with collaborators, training and development of all members of the organization in our search for excellence.


Commitment to R+D+i

We develop the creativity of the entire team, technological prospecting, applied research and specialization to enhance our competitiveness.

Commitment to OSH

We promote future employment for our professionals by committing to their consultation and participation, providing safe and healthy working conditions in search of the prevention of injuries and deterioration of health.

Through continuous improvement up to Industry 4.0

As part of our effort to continuously improve, we are committed to the transition to Industry 4.0 working on efficient process management, systems for vertical and horizontal integration, Cloud computing and Big Data.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

We are committed to the strictest compliance with the legislation and regulations applicable to our company, products and services; with special emphasis on environmental and labor matters.

Respect for the environment

We are committed to the use of recycled materials in our products, development of products with a long useful life, collaboration with suppliers and customers to reduce the environmental impact of our processes and facilities and for the circular and sustainable economy.